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BBC: Winter Olympics 2010

Here begins “the story of Akiak and his quest to find the missing head of Ilanaaq, a stack of rock in human form, which sits on the mountain above Whistler, where the skiiing and sliding events [of the Winter Olympics] will take place.”

A stunning animation made for the BBC coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010, following the “summer” animation Monkey.

The Inuit animation has been produced at Studio AKA and directed by Marc Craste. Designer: Jon Klassen.

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Guinness: Seconds from Greatness

Your body no longer belongs to you…

The white team and the black team are fighting for the victory, while the time is tickling out and the beer is waiting for winners and losers a great after match celebration.
The spot was directed by Marc Craste, and produced by Sharon Titmarsh at Studio Aka. Post production by [...]

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Lloyds TSB: For the Journey

Following a nice couple in the journey of their love and their life. By train.
The director is Marc Craste at Studio AKA. I love that man.
The MPEG-4 clip is identical to the Stash Quicktime, except that I compressed the audio.
Seguiamo una coppia nel viaggio del loro amore e della loro vita. In treno.
Il regista è [...]

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MARC CRASTE – Children 1st

A commercial directed by Marc Craste for Children 1st, Scotland’s leading childcare charities. Audio was post produced at 750 mph.
Previous post related to Marc Craste: The Big Win, Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins.
Spot di Marc Craste per Children 1st, la maggiore istituzione caritatevole scozzese dedita all’infanzia. Audio prodotto presso 750 mph.
Post [...]

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You can’t win.
You can’t break even.
You can’t even quit the game.

(“Ginsberg’s Theorems” from Murphy’s Laws)

I was watching the commercials by Marc Craste (the director of Will the Summer Make Good for All Our Sins and Jojo in the Stars, remember?) I downloaded from Studio AKA, to decide which one [...]

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MUM – Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins

And summer will make good for all our sinsif we only wish it hard enough

Marc Craste is the genius behind the world of Pica Towers, whose chronicles count, by now, three short shorts that you probably seen before (I link to them in my usual link heap, just scroll down in case), and Jojo in [...]

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