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The End.

Poor Man. You should have listened to Stripy, the voice of your conscience, when you could. Yes, he was laughing at you but, now you know it, he couldn’t help it.
And now, the only thing you can do is to laugh along with Stripy. Laugh man, laugh!
Oh, anyway. This is an episode from an [...]

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Johnny Bassotto

A quell’ora faccio sempre la pipì!

Wow! Just dug this clip from the sweet archive of my childhood memories. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the video, but I remember the song…
The story is about Johnny, a dachshund dog which happens to be a great detective. He’ll find out who broke the window with the ball, [...]

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In the forest, hundreds and hundreds of ducks are gathering for… say what? Oh, yeah! There’s Jay Duck and his rockin’ band performing one of their greatest hits.
Another animation by Guido Manuli, also here with I Wanna Be Your Lover. I really don’t know how to thank whoever is blogging at Seksuroba for making me [...]

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LA BIONDA – I Wanna Be Your Lover

Voices on the speakersWispers in my ear

A blast from the past! The year was 1980…
As soon as a couple of astronauts land on a planet, a beatiful woman approaches and lures them into a strange building.
Carmelo La Bionda and Michelangelo La Bionda were two of the most active artists in the Italian electronic music in [...]

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