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When the forces of conservation and industrialization within a common society compete head to head, the only entity that can regulate the fight is the fantastic measuring contraption known as the Envirometer [...] the only hope to unite the opposing viewpoints and create a progressive world where everyone can live in harmony.

A sustainable short film produced at Make LLC. and directed by Danny Robashkin. Illustrations: Aaron Quist and Alec Mueller. Written by: Colin Levy and Danny Robashkin.

Animation: Aaron Quist, Andrew Chesworth, Joe Kim, Kevin Wisdom, Tyson Ibele. Sound design: Horner Music.

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PSISF 2010: Palm Springs

The meta-clichés exploiting clichés to the bones are all the rage. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about meta-meta-clichés? Yes, but not before watching Palm Springs, the trailer for the Palm Springs International ShortFest 2010.

It was directed and animated by Andrew Chesworth and produced at MAKE. Other animators: Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Alec Mueller, Jordan Hill, Ben Bury, Niklas Norman, Joe Kim. Music: Steve Horner.

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Fruitless Efforts: Fruit of the Womb

Directed by Andrew Chesworth and Aaron Quist and produced at Minneapolis based studio Make, Fruitless Efforts is merely a modest window into humanity’s evolving understanding of the meaning of life. Yeah!

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JUSTIN WEBER – Juiced and Jazzed

In prohibition era 1920s, hot jazz music overcomes a young woman named Lulu after she stumbles upon a flask. Her night on the town is cut short when the long arm of the law intervenes.

Juiced and Jazzed is a short film by Justin Weber, his graduation work at the MCAD.

The film was then completed at Make with the help of Andrew Chesworth, Aaron Quist, and Joe Kim.

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L`amie de Zoe

Zoe lives on a green planet, with a green sky,green trees, even green houses.

On a green planet, where little Zoé lives, a strange girl (Maho) comes with her family from another planet. And they’re… red!
L’amie de Zoé (Zoé’s Friend) is a short movie directed by Danny Robashkin and Matthieu Roussel at Make, LLC.
The short is [...]

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Glumpers: Bulking Up


Fubble, the lazy, big boned glumper, is purchasing a threadmill to help with his serious appetite disorder issues.
Bulking Up is the third episode of the series created at Make, LLC and it was directed by Andrew Chesworth and Danny Robashkin; written by Andrew Chesworth and Zach Mandt.
Computer graphics: Andrew Chesworth, Tyson Ibele and Zach Mandt. [...]

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AICP 2007 Opening


Guys and dolls, cowboys and the sheriff, a train assault and all the things you’d expect from a wild ride in the far west.
The five minute short has been realized by Andrew Chesworth at Make Visual as the opening for this year AICP show.
Not only the guys at Make found a genious narrative device to [...]

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Spilled Oil

A frame-by-frame animated PSA, which aims to demonstrate the toxic effects that oil spills may have on the environment. Made at Make.
A work in progress version is available in the links below. Download and check it out.
Spot animato fotogramma per fotogramma che dimostra gli effetti nocivi delle perdite di petrolio sull’ambiente. Realizzato presso Make.
Una [...]

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