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The Moment After

Full HD Video available in the underneath links.
Warning: Not Safe For Work

The first you feel that way. The first time you don’t…
The Moment After is a micro short film by Zac&Mac that is Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor. Produced at BlackMilk.
Cast: Ricardo Birnbaum and María Hervás. Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Sound design: Bene Moya.
Camera assistant: [...]

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Eighteen Seconds

Every second of our lives is the result of an equation.
Some call it fate.

A man (Jack Daniel Stanley). A woman (Amy Waschke). That special day.
The short movie has been directed by Zac&Mac (Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor), previously here with Similo, based on a story by Jack Daniel Stanley. Original music by Aaron Marshall.
The short [...]

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Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye.

An albino man (Raúl Zajdner) obsessed with white, tries to mantain a regular life, protecting himself from the perils (and the colors) of the outside world. But the most serious danger is waiting inside…
Smile is a short movie written and directed by Gigi Romero that won [...]

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A love story with a science fiction theme and some scenes that are Not Suitable For Work.
Antarctica, some time in the future. Hebe (Magda Ritz) and Ciro (Benedicto Moya) are spending their vacation. But they’re not an ordinary couple.
Similo has been directed by Bruno Zacharias (also author and co-producer) and MacGregor (also editor and director [...]

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