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Stella Artois: Dove

The spot has been produced and directed by Psyop in a co-production with Stink. Director of Photography: Darran Tiernan. Designer: Kimberly Dulaney. Music Composer: Paul Leonard-Morgan. Sound: 750mph. Creative agency: Lowe Roche.

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Stella Artois: Le passage


“Le Passage is an interactive animated short film inspired by early 20th century poster design and constructivist cell animation.” In fact, it also reminds of Line Rider and some previously posted visual essays.
“The film guides you through the content of the Artois website. The story is told through a character, the brewmaster, as he takes [...]

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MTV Switch: Pet Penguin

Global warming: no fun for man.No party for penguin either.

“A look into the future shows how penguins are handling their new duty as the new man’s best friends…”
Another MTV Switch spot from last year. Directed by the No-Domain collective. Produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: Lowe.
“Uno sguardo al futuro mostra come se la cavano i pinguini [...]

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MTV Switch: Trees Breathing

Trees can’t reduce CO2 emissions alone.

And after the suicidal animals, I couldn’t help but posting this spot where “trees are shown panting heavily to visually demonstrate the effect of increased carbon emissions on the environment.”
It is part of last year MTV Switch campaign. Directed by Pistachios collective and produced at Blacklist. Creative Agency: Lowe Worldwide. [...]

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Rexona: Futurisk

Future Ready Protection.

Nevermind! Just found a fifth spot from the same campaign than Heat Resistant. Credits should be the same.
The spot is the living proof that I could have enjoyed Minority Report a lot better if there wasn’t no Tom Cruise.
Come non detto! Appena trovato un quinto spot della campagna di Heat Resistant. I credits [...]

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Rexona: Heat Resistant

Proven at the hottest temperatureever recorded on Earth.

Again, one out a series of four five commercials involving a prank prone robot and a global warming aware kind of deodorant.
The spots have been directed by Matthijs van Heijningen at MJZ supervised by The Mill’s Hitesh Patel.
Director of photography: Chris Soos. Editor: Joe Guest at Final Cut. [...]

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