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Sickboy – Taken Away in a Car

A machine load of thoughts doing the rounds in his head.

An abruptly energetic music video set in a car crushing yard and shoot mostly with spy cameras.
The “little cameras were mounted onto the guitar heads and drumsticks and so on, so that I could get close up without making them feel self conscious”, the director [...]

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Sickboy – Silence in Conversation

with a shot in the armand a healthy dose of fear.

While some dudes are shooting video with lasers, this one was made mashing the face of the singer up against the glass of a photocopier machine.
Sickboy is a rock band from Dublin, Ireland, made up of twin brothers Colm Giles and Brian Giles, with Dan [...]

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11890 TV Ads

Need a restaurant?

There’s no doubt: anybody may find himself in need for a helping hand. Even hands!
Agency DDFH+B approached director Lorcan Finnegan of Lovely Productions to create these ads, after seeing his short Curiosity. Lorcan also borrowed his face to the fast food guy: look at the picture above.
Compositing and animation by Fergal Brennan and [...]

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Better video available in the links below.

Like the apple for Adam and Eve, this button (which I imagine being red, despite the black and white images) is too much a temptation for Mr. and Mrs. Hand.
The short film was written and directed by Lorcan Finnegan at Lovely Productions. Original music by Graham Newcombe.
It was originally [...]

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Amaze me: Sonny

Fitter, happier, more productive.

Your cassette walkman survived. And now is back. And he’ll take no prisoners. Or will he?
Sonny is Lovely Productions‘ entry for Sony PSP Amaze Me competition 2005, where they were among the winners.
Lovely Productions is Lorcan Finnegan, Steve Courtney and Brunella Cocchiglia.
The original performance, without the white background, can be found in [...]

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Need a hand stepping up the social ladder?

Once again, a second chance… I saw this movie some time ago (not that much, it was May) and almost ignored it. And now I love it. Go figure.
Trapped into a corporate poster, a guy spots the girl of his dreams in a writing on the other side [...]

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