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[REPOST] New York Lottery: Small World

The spot has been directed by Ne-o and produced at Skunk US.

Director of Photography: Manel Ruiz. Editor: Steve Gandolfi at Cut & Run. Creative agency: DDB.

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Red Dragon

Another lotto commercial: this time is Danish. What we learn here is that dreaming too wildly can be harmful for you and the people around you.
The commercial has been directed by Axel Laubscher. I’ve posted it on M&C long time ago.
Altro spot per una lotteria: stavolta danese. La lezione che impariamo è che sognare troppo [...]

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You can’t win.
You can’t break even.
You can’t even quit the game.

(“Ginsberg’s Theorems” from Murphy’s Laws)

I was watching the commercials by Marc Craste (the director of Will the Summer Make Good for All Our Sins and Jojo in the Stars, remember?) I downloaded from Studio AKA, to decide which one [...]

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Anything’s possible.

A commercial for Lotto (not the sportswear brand but the New Zealand lottery) in the style of old Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies, with film aging and lighting artifacts artificially achieved; though the use of modern tools become apparent in a couple of scenes.
Brent Chambers is the founder of multi-award [...]

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