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Bloc Party – One Month Off

In the land of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, the same old story goes on, but with a different kind of magic. The music video was directed by Team D.A.D.D.Y. and produced at Red Jam. Original footage from Ray Harryhausen’s films.

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The Adventures of Loki – My Black Dog

Did you know that? The Big Bad Wolf is in fact Little Red Riding Hood’s shadow.
The Adventures of Loki is Brigit Colton (Bass), Rachel Parsons (Drums) and vocalist Steve Wade.
The music video has been directed by Adam York Gregory at The Flowfield Unity.
Lo sapevate? Il lupo cattivo, in effetti, era l’ombra di Cappuccetto Rosso. Sappiatelo.
Gli [...]

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RAJNEEL SINGH – Big Bad Wolves

Contains excessive offensive language,horror violence and brief nudity.Viewer discretion is strongly advised…

Chain smoking gangsters discuss the true meaning behind the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in a re-elaboration of the Like a Virgin scene from Reservoir Dogs.
The movie, based on a sketch written by Chris Kerr, has been directed by Rajneel Singh and [...]

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MIKA – Lollipop

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,Or love’s gonna get you down

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf when you can have all the candy in the world?
Mica Penniman AKA Mika, is a Lebanese born, London based singer and songwriter.
Lollipop is featured on his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion and was released as a single [...]

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Adidas: Little Red Riding Hood

For I am the Grimm reaper…

Here’s an experimental spec spot for Adidas, realized by John Karian at Jungl.
Looking for a dark fairy tale look, the ideal scenario was found in the chase scene from Little Red Riding Hood.
The author says: “The Red Riding Hood tale has always been at heart a dark, and at times, [...]

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TERRI EDDA MILLER – Dysenchanted

What is a snowjob?

Storybook characters Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Goldilocks, Alice, Dorothy, and Red Riding Hood are in group therapy dishing and dealing with what comes after “happily ever after.” When Clara, a New Jersey divorcee, joins the group, she finds out that while life is no fairy tale, it doesn’t mean her dysenchantment [...]

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HYUN-HO CHOI – Grandma`s Happy Fist

Once upon a time…

Hey ya floks! Missed me? Posting stuff will be little less than regular in the next few (I hope) days.
Here’s a short movie from the Class of 2004 of the Ringling School. The author is Hyun-Ho Choi.
We’ll see how Little Red Riding Hood faces the big bad wolf with her new skills [...]

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Chaperon Rouge

The first animated short of Supinfocom 2006 to come out on the net. I was not sure of posting it, but I’ve been busy (watching DVDs :P) today, and so… Not that it’s bad. It’s a good movie, and that’s why it’s here.
As you may guess, the movie is based on the Little Red Riding [...]

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The Forest in Winter

…and they bathed in their bloodand ate much meat.

An epic tale of lost innocence, death and pig flavored snack treats. No more to be said, just watch it. Now!
A collaborative project of Jake Portman (AKA Notactualsize) and Bill Sneed, based on a script by Charlie Short. Sound design by Braincloud.
Bill and Jake works as animators [...]

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