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Talkdemonic – Duality of Deathening

Talkdemonic is an avant-instrumental folktronic duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro.

Duality of Deathening is a track from their 2008 album entitled Eyes at Half Mast and released for Arena Rock Recording.

The music video is the work of Orie Weeks III. The middle part is inspired to the famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn.

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The Paper Melody – Incandescent

The Paper Melody is Jill Sullivan, Dan Vallier, Sean Martin and Anthony Reeder. Incandescent is a song from their debut album, Conducting the Motion.

The music video is the work of Raul Gonzo. Cinematographer was Dean Tokuno.

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Kashmir – Still Boy

The outline of the story is something along the lines of: The Little Girl With The Matches meets Pinocchio meets social realism.

The music video has been directed by Jakob Printzlau. Set Designs, props and animation: Morten Just and Martin Mølgaard at Din Mor.

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ANTHONY PENTA – You Ruined Everything

You Ruined Everything is the story of the morbid aftermaths of a morbid love(?) relationship. Combining a grotesque setup, an unreal photography and a non annoying voice over (a touch of Dexter, I’d say) the film manages to be funnily disturbing. Or disturbingly funny.

Starring Arthur Simone, the short film has been written, directed and edited by Anthony Penta at Pentaworks.

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C’est rigolo mais c’est salaud.


“A film that offers a reflection on addiction: we see the characters struggling, trapped in the gears of mechanisms, in the proper sense, which they can’t escape.”
The self reinforcing mechanism reminds of Hotel California, where “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”.
Accro (short for accroché, which [...]

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Guerrilla Green Power

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the windThe answer is blowin’ in the wind…

This short video was created for the Cut & Paste Competition held in Milan, May 2009.
Director Kobayashi created the video in merely 8 hours, with one week to think about the concept.
The video was shot with a Canon Eos 5D Mark [...]

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Sicché, dateme licenza,graziosa e bella audienza.

A story of love, honour and vengeance between earth and sea. A stop motion fantasy based on Lo Guarracino, a Neapolitan toungue twisting song of the 18th century.
A short film directed by Michelangelo Fornaro. Produced by Silvana Leonardi and Vincenzo Di Marino.
Director of photography: Antonio Grambone. Editor: Davide Contessa.
Cast: Lello [...]

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Made for Each Other: Love and Sockets


The story of little Boris, a light bulb looking for his perfect match.
The spot has been directed by David Lobser and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
Animation: Peter Richardson and Ian Brauner presso Little Sister. Rigging: Gwen Murray, Yaron Canetti. Modeling: David Avetisov. Matte painter: Kristian [...]

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WWF: Light Bulb

You’re doing your part.

“How many pollutants does it take to make a light bulb? Here we follow the production and shipping process of an energy efficient light bulb.”
The spot was directed by Woods + Low and produced by Donovan Boden at OPC. Executive producer: Harland Weiss.
Director of photography: Chris Woods. Editor: Johnny Devries at School [...]

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HONEST – I`m Falling Forever

Some say he is good luck.

Changing a light bulb is dangerous operation. You may find yourself slipping thru space and time; next time you’ll better follow the instructions!
I’m Falling Forever, directed by Honest, is one out of 30 short movies realized for the old Diesel Dreams campaign by Diesel Creative Team and Kessels Kramer Amsterdam.
Cambiare [...]

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Live Earth: Light Bulb

Congratulations! That wasn’t so hard was it? No it wasn’t.

A step by step, easy to follow, dumb proof guide on how to install an eco friendly light bulb.
“The 2 minute 30 seconds short film is cast in the medium of educational film from the 1970s, showing a man (Wade Kelly) and woman (Lisa Shurga) learning [...]

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Psst! Pass it on… (#6: Cosmic Dancer)

Psst! Pass it on… is a project conceived and curated by Bran Dougherty- Johnson of Grow Design Work. It consists of six short movies, from one to two minute long.

Every movie is made up of three parts, every part is the work of a different visual artist or collective and features a different soundtrack. Every technique is represented, from CGI to origami.

In this post I’ll cover the sixth short, named Cosmic Dancer. The link between the three parts, in this case, seems to be the element of water.

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Mew – Comforting Sounds

Why don’t we share our solitude?

A great music video, today, and such a sweet song…
Mew is an danish alternative pop band led by Jonas Bjerre. The other members are Bo Madsen, Jonas Wohlert and Silas Graae. [Source:]
Their sound is “sort of surreal”, in a sense that words can’t exactly define. You just have to [...]

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