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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Footprints

Why did that ninja did that? Maybe he’s still angry for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or perhaps for those stupid ninja kids flicks.

Ninja Gaiden σ 2 is the latest game in the Ninja Gaiden franchise, whose first game was known as Shadow Warriors for us Europeans.

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Bourbon Shopping: Mandalas

No need to shop around.

A mandala made up of plastic bottles? Why not! And what about sushi? It will open you to a whole lot of brand new perspectives. On shopping.
The spot has been directed by Luiz Evandro and produced at Sentimental Filme, São Paulo.
“It’s made to be exhibited only at the cinemas inside the [...]

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Diesel: The Rise and Fall of Pete the Meat Puppet

I was Petethe American Dreeeeam!

Sometimes I feel like Pete, pieces of meat kept together by who know what reason or power whatsoever…
The musical craziness has been produced and directed by the Legs collective. Creative agency: Far Far, Stockholm.
Part of the Diesel Dark campaign.
A parody of Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly is included in [...]

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Happy Holidays 2008

It wasn’t by chance I updated the Happy Holidays 2005 post this morning. The old short has been replaced with this new one.
I think that being superstitious brings bad luck, but these collection of good luck symbols is a beauty.
The short has been animated by Adam Gault, based on illustrations by Stefanie Augustine.
Non a caso [...]

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Vespa: A Special Tour

Lividi e crampi in abbondanza,sai quanti graffi alla protuberanza.

Sometimes you travel thru history. And some other times you travel with history.
“A special tour through Italy, the world and the beautiful communication of the Vespa.”
A corporate video for Piaggio made in stop animation by Giacomo Salizzoni.
Soundtrack: the Finale from the Ouverture of William Tell by [...]

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Smart: Icons

Simply Unique

In fact, a car made of paper would be totally unique. Even though I guess you’d need a lot of them, especially when it rains.
The spot was produced at Sehsucht.
In effetti, un’auto fatta di carta sarebbe davvero unica. Anche se ne servirebbero parecchie, specialmente quando piiove.
Lo spot è stato diretto prodotto da Sehsucht.

via Motionographer


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Patates Sautees

Dans la vie faut pas s’en faireMoi je ne m’en fais pasCes petites misèresSeront passagèresTout ça s’arrangera

Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be alright.
Patates sautées is a short movie by three students of the LTAM (Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers) in Luxembourg.
Edouard Caplain directed and designed. Characted animation by Viviane Karpp. Visual effects by David [...]

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VR: Monumental Environment Congress

La fine del mondo in 80 giorni!

All the major monuments of the world are gathering at the Colosseum Verona Arena (thanks Escapista) to take important decisions for their future, and our own as well…
The spot has been produced at Grilli Films for advertising agency Dynamo, Helsinki. Post produced at Talvi. Director: Vesa Manninen.
Go to [...]

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Live Earth: New York

A 15 second piece of animation realized by Laundry! for the New York Live Earth concert.

Creative agency: The Groop. Soundtrack: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John.

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