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TAKEUCHI TAIJIN – Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Fight for the things you love. Run after them, do all you can to get their very heart. And in the end you and them will be one and only thing.

This amazing stop animated short film is the work of Takeuchi Taijin: photos are shot, rearranged to compose the frame, and then photographed again.

I’m using the word photomation to point out those shorts that use this same technique, like PEN Story and Photo Finish.

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I’m mostly sleeping today. I guess the protagonist of this short movie would sleep too, but he’s got a job to do.
The short has been directed by Heiko Hagner. Editing and character design by Jakob Appel. Animation by Denis Rogic.
Music by Stanton Moore and Wes Montgomery.
Sto più che altro dormendo oggi. Credo che anche [...]

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