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LIZZI AKANA – Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin

O come, ye all, in Monkey Balloon Universe to hear the story of a mismatch: what we want does not equal what we need. That’s the kind of maths that does not end well.

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin is a beautiful short film directed and animated by Lizzi Akana, her degree project at the RISD. Music and Sound by Erin Kilkenny.

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The Crown Jewel

Food is the Key to Survival

“Becoming less dependent on what the government decides to feed us, becoming more self sufficient and supportive of our independent growers and local farms.”
The Crown Jewel is a short movie by Babe Elliott Baker and Greg Herman, made to promote We Are Green TV. The film was an entry in [...]

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The Sound of Color: Black-White


The Sound of Color is a project by creative agency Rehab. To promote Gap’s colorful spring and summer collections they commissioned five bands to write five songs based on five different colors. Five directors then shot music videos of each song/color.
The Black-White song has been written and performed by The Raveonettes, that is Sune Rose [...]

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The Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight

“Through the device of a magic puppet theater, a small seer orchestrates a child’s journey deep into a multilayered world of the imagination.”
To add something to this bare description is very hard. The short has a fascinating visual style that hooked my onw eyes to the screen during the six minutes the movie runs. [...]

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