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Jon Allen – Dead Man’s Suit

Dead Man’s Suit is the first single and the name of the debut album by Jon Allen, a folk rock singer-songwriter born in Winchester, currently living in London.

Music video directed by: Tactful Cactus. Directors of Photography: Ben Todd and Ossie Bacon.

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SIFF 2009: Find

Following the bumpers, here’s the trailer, whose “soundtrack is comprised of audio clips from ten independent films and uses an animation technique that pays homage to early cinema.”

Directed by John Foreman and Timothy Howe and produced by Morgan Henry at Digital Kitchen. Creative agency: Wongdoody.

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SIFF 2009: Lantern

One of three bumpers “that played before films at the Seattle International Film Festival” 2009.

Directed by Dan Brown and produced at Oh Hello. Audio: Matt Hutchinson. Creative agency: Wongdoody. Copywriter: Janelle Erickson. Art Director: Emily Honigsfeld.

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[Me] – Westward Backwards

Westward Backwards is the second single by Australian band [Me], an anthem to breaking free of the mundane and into the life we truly wish for.

The music video is the work of Andrew Goldsmith and Jeremy Blode at Toast Films; a combination of pixilation (with a Canon E0S 400D against a chroma screen), Photoshop and After Effects compositing and animation.

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Mogwai – Batcat

Innocence is merely a red herring.

Deceptions can be appearing.
Batcat is an EP by Mogwai, released on 8 September 2008 through Wall of Sound, three weeks prior to their album, The Hawk Is Howling, which also features the track Batcat.
Mogwai formation: Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns, John Cummings.
The music video has been directed [...]

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“Sometimes being responsible is a burden. A lopsided obligation. A lonely and thankless job. In the wonderfully animated short film Lighthouse, a grumpy lighthouse keeper makes sure that a safe little seaside town stays that way, by dutifully maintaining the beacon that shines above it.”
A short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for [...]

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Mad Santa

Once again, Santa Claus is going to sacrifice his own life in order to wish you a merry Winter Solstice.
From the mad people at Mad Crew.
Ancora una volta, Babbo Natale sacrificherà la sua vita per augurarvi un felice solstizio d’inverno.
Da quei pazzi tizi di Mad Crew.

as seen on CG Talk

DOWNLOAD (1920×1080): Scarica Mad Santa in [...]

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My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I`m Going To Scream Pt. 2

If you touch meWell I just think I’ll screamCause it’s been so longSince someone caressed me.

“Set deep in a verdant jungle on a dark night, the music video stars a furry, timid creature with gigantic eyes.”
Would have been a great video for last year Blog Action Day coverage. By the way, I have no ideas [...]

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