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Euro 2008: The Unhuggables

Football on the Coke side of life™

Better watch soccer alone. There’s some weird people around…
The series of spot has been directed by Andrés Fogwill at Landia. Executive producer: Claudio Amoedo.
Post production: Che Revolution Post. Music: Daniel Fainzilver.
Creative agency: Santo. Creative directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastián Wilhelm, Pablo Minces. Producer: Abigail Harding.

Il calcio meglio non guardarlo in [...]

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Pine-Sol: Shame

There’s nothing more embarassing…

A dinner with her parents turns very awkward, due to a shamefully dirty family…
The spot was directed by Andy Fogwill at Landia for Dieste Harmel Partners, and I guess is part of the same campaign as Turtle.
Una cena a casa dai suoi si fa imbarazzante, causa una famiglia un po’ zozza.
Lo spot [...]

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Clorox: Turtle

Whitey white!

A giant turtle’s sneeze causes a chain reaction which, in the end… Oh wait. There is no giant turtle, in the first place…
A commercial for some detergent, directed by Russell Brooke at Passion Pictures (animation) and by Andy Fogwill at Landia (live action) for creative agency Dieste Harmel Partners.
Lo starnuto di una tartaruga gigante [...]

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The guy is spraying something on his peepee… But what? And why?
Novio (Boyfriend) is a commericial for Rustek, directed by Luciano Quilici and produced at Landia.
Il tizio si spruzza della roba sul pipino… Ma che roba è? E a che gli serve?
Novio (Fidanzato) è uno spot per Rustek, diretto da Luciano Quilici e prodotto presso [...]

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