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Serj Tankian – Beethoven`s Cunt

Find the little evil perpetrator,And feed him to the hungry alligator

It’s ten minutes I’m stuck trying to figure out how to describe the video. Well. Think of David Lynch meets Salvador Dali.
Serj Tankian is a singer, songwriter, poet, activist, and multi-instrumentalist, better known as the lead vocalist, and keyboardist of the alternative metal band System [...]

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The Many Perils of Over-Studying: History

Learn from Joanna!

A cautionary tale about buying too much stuff online and going insane, told in the style of old school, educational films.
This is one of the three two-minute web shorts animated by Curious Pictures directors Rohitash Rao and Abraham Spear for creative agency BBDO, New York. In the same campaign: Math, Poli Sci.
Storia che [...]

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I’ll keep digging for some old stuff, from my forum posts, as I get some things fixed…
It’s not easy when you wake up at the wrong place. It’s even worst when you’re a character in a painting.
This 3D animation by Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz is set to Duran Duran’s song The Chauffer and pays homage to [...]

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