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Unboxing the Animals

A short video documenting the moments before the shooting of the video for Minilogue’s Animals, when the actors arrived on the set…

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Sony Ericsson MH907: Magic Headphones

My headphones
They saved my life
Your tape
It lulled me to sleep

I think magic headphones should be intended as in magic mushrooms: at least this is what I understand from the movie.
The spot has been directed by Kristofer Ström and produced at Varelsen studio.
Animation: Eric Buchholtz and Kristofer Ström. Music and sound design: Douglas Holmquist.
Don’t miss the [...]

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Magic Headphones: Behind the Scenes

Take a look at how Ljudbilden bears the idea for a new spot for the Sony MH907 headphones. The fact the I can’t understand a word they say just make the video better for me.

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Minilogue – Hitchhiker`s Choice

This music video is already a classic (well, three years are almost an era in Internet time scale) so no introduction required.
The clip is the work of Kristofer Ström AKA Ljudbilden. A longer version of it is available on Minilogue’s Animals DVD.
I posted two spots for Carphone Warehouse based on this video: There Was [...]

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Kobra: Animation Montage

Well, if this ain’t creative design, then what?
The clip is a compilation of short animations made by Kristofer Ström for Kobra, a show on Swedish television STV.
Music by Ljudbilden & Piloten.
Beh, se questo non è design creativo..?
La clip è una compilation di brevi animazioni realizzate da Kristofer Ström per Kobra, un programma della TV [...]

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Minilogue – Animals

Minilogue is the Swedish Progressive House / Minimal Techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson.

The music video has been directed and animated by Kristofer Ström. Motion graphics and editing: Erik Buchholtz. Produced by Bart Yates and Nicholas Wakeham at Varelsen.

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Carphone Warehouse: There was a Time

Laptops for everyone. (That’s what they say)

Here’s another commercial for Carphone Warehouse directed by Kristofer Strom, and produced at Blink.
Do Refer to A Brief History of Communication… for the full credits.
Again, the song is entitled Hitchhiker’s Choice, by Minilogue.
Ed eccovi un altro spot per Carphone Warehouse diretto da Kristofer Strom, e prodotto presso Blink.
Fare riferimento [...]

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A Brief History of Communication…

Latest stuff

It takes only forty seconds to retell the long history of how we communicate, using whiteboard and stop animation.
The spot for Carphone Warehouse was directed by Kristofer Strom, and it’s based on his previous work for the band Minilogue, who also did the music for this clip.
Produced by Bart Yates at Blinkink and Sian [...]

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Zonnatura: Circle of Life


The cycle of life in nature is depicted in a colourful and almost animal friendly way in this animated commercial.
The director is Kristofer Strom, whom you might remember from his huge hit, Hitchhiker’s Choice. Production house: Blinkink.
The spot was conceived by Allard Jaspars and Ricardo Lemos at S-W-H, Amsterdam. Art directors: Ricardo Lemos and Emilio [...]

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