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Uno (One) is an ensemble of three stop motion videos, representative of three different sides of the creativity: web design, logotype design and video design.

A pixilation tour de force by Alessandro Durando, Lorenzo Levrero, Andrea Bocca, Linda Lisino, Emilia Presciuttini, SixEleven and Paolo Ceretto.

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do bem: Suco de Açaí

The MIDI wafers spot, following Suco de laranja, was created and directed by Hardcuore. Designed and animated by Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes.

The song is Tic Tic Tac originally by Carrapicho, reinterpreted by João Brasil.

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DAVID FIRTH – I`d Like To Be

The plot is as simple as: “a man leaves his wife and kids and buries himself.” But the film just begins where the plot ends.
I’d Like To Be is a short animated film, a stop frame mess by David Firth of Fat Pie fame.
Music by Loom.
La storia è semplice: “un uomo lascia moglie e figli [...]

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The Type Writer


“With its low profile, sleek lines, and striking color, the Remington Streamliner holds a special place in the writer’s heart. This piece serves as an homage to the device itself and the dying art of the typewritten essay.”
A short movie by Impactist, collaborative work of married directors Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.
Process includes: digital still [...]

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“Ego Sum is thrown out of nowhere in a world where he follows his path without any awareness, because it seems to be the only possible choice he got.”
The animation looks like comics in motion, with a neat and smooth style, though a lot of elements make use of 3D graphics.
Ego Sum, Alpha et [...]

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