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Full Frame: March of the Penguins

There’s a new emperor in town…

The point is that some stories make better documentaries than fiction. To illustrate the point, we’ll be shown The March of the Penguins as if it was a sci-fi B-movie.
The clip has been directed by Kevin Donovan and produced at Form. Special effects by Suspect. Puppeteering by Ron Stefaniuk.
It is [...]

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Smokung fu

There’s only one way to beat the urge to smoke. Yeah: kung fu! Turn ‘em to ashes… Wooops!!!
A PSA sponsored by California Department of Health Services. The spot was directed by Kevin Donovan (the director of The Tuxedo) at Form.
C’è un solo modo per battere la voglia di fumare. Il kung fu!!! Forza, riducile in [...]

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