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The Lady and the Reaper (La dama y la muerte)

This funny short film deals with “an elderly woman’s life and death struggle, as she finds herself pitted in the middle of an egotistical battle between the grim reaper and a young doctor determined to keep her alive by any means necessary.”

The film has been written and directed by Javier Recio Gracia and produced at Kandor Moon.

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Music Max: Summer

Where music lives

The funny characters from the first Where Music Lives are back: “a rollicking ride through the streets lands them in the heart of Summer at Bondi.”
The spot reunites the team who worked on the first installment: director Ben West, character animator Geoff Valent, lighting specialist Ben Malter…
The song is Life, Love, & Laughter [...]

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Hollywood: Sphere

Pouvoir d’attraction

Ok, it’s a little too similar to the Adidas spot, but still… I love people rolling Katamary style in the morning. It smells like… I dunno.
Spot directed by Laurent Chanez at Irène. Creative agency: TBWA France.
Edited and post produced at La maison. Editor: Mario Battistel. Visual effects: Bruno Maillard and François Dumoulin. Producer: Dorothée [...]

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Katamari Damacy: Rolling Yoshida

Roll away!

We’ve had several epigons, but finally I’ve put my hands over the original.
The short spot was directed by Yumiko Ito. Director of photography: Masafumi Sanai. Written by Masashi Kawamura at creative agency Hakuhodo.
Abbiamo avuto le imitazioni, ma alla fine ho messo le mani sull’originale.
Il breve spot è stato diretto da Yumiko Ito. Direttore della [...]

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BGH – Bola

Another commercial exploting the Katamari Damacy meme. This time, it’s just for fun.
Directed by Chanel Basualdo at Mía Films. Music by Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab.
Altro spot che sfutta il meme di Katamari Damacy. Stavolta per puro divertimento.
Diretto da Chanel Basualdo presso Mía Films. Musica di Andrés Goldstein e Daniel Tarrab.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bola da [...]

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Travelers: Snowball

Roll with anything!

The third TV spot in the campaign Insurance In-Synch for St. Paul Travelers insurance, uses a Katamari Damacy style ball of “stuffs” to deliver the message. Just like the previously covered You Are Here.
Developed by Minneapolis based agency Fallon, the commercial was produced at MJZ, with the direction of Dante Ariola. Special [...]

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AIDS (You are here)

Don’t let AIDS gain more groundEveryone must have access to treatment

You are here. They are over there.Here, medicines extend life expectancy.There, the absence of medicines causes death.Aids is destroying societies: their health systems, education, culture, economies.
A good campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières, produced by Caviar and directed by Andreas Hasle.
The 3D models are a little [...]

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