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ALE CAMARGO – A noite do vampiro

Mas nem doeu!

“A vampire tries to sleep, but a terrible predator approaches.” It’s interesting that vampires go to sleep after their morning rituals.
“Action, german expressionism and brocolli pizza”, in A noite do vampiro (The Night of the Vampire) an “award-winning short film by Alê Camargo.”
Soundtrack by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gioacchino Rossini and Georges Bizet.
Un vampiro [...]

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Life Cycle (Selaginella apoda)

If nature were not beautiful it would not be worth knowing,and life would not be worth living.(Henry Poincaré)

“Selaginella apoda, or Meadow Spikemoss is a small, insignificant looking plant, common to eastern North America. Despite its diminutive appearance, the plant has a fascinating and varied life cycle, which is summarized” here.
Life Cycle is a scientific animation [...]

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