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SunRype: Swing

And here’s another spot in the series for Sunrype. Directed by Wade Shotter and Andras Ketzer and produced at Joyrider. Creative agency: DDB Canada.

Colorist: Andras Ketzer and Russell Boyd. The song is Sleepy Tigers by Her Space Holiday.

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SunRype: Shoes

Here’s one in a series of spots from creative agency DDB Canada for a fruit juice that claims to be 100% made only with fruits. And so is the spot.

Directed by Wade Shotter and Andras Ketzer at Joyrider Films. Editor: Quin Williams at Marshall Street. The song is The Light is You by the Said the Whale.

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ANDRAS KETZER – Le trippin

Le trippin’ is fineespecially the details

Another short movie from Mr. Andras Ketzer, this one perhaps is not new to you. Joyrider Films produced.
Everything, in this kind of a motion graphics version of Foutaises (as someone referred to it somewhere, can’t remember where…) is made by a single person, except the music by the Led Zeppelin.
Altro [...]

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GUSTER – Satellite

Maybe you will always beJust a little out of reach

This is the fourth clip in a row from Adambiz you find up there. But how could I possibly resist posting it? And, after all, why should I?
This time he makes us spin around. But it doesn’t seem exactly like a merry-go-round.
Guster is an alternative [...]

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ZERO 7 ft. JOSE GONZALEZ – Left Behind

Cleaning up the mess you left behind

A very short yet intense music video directed by Adam Bizanski, that is becoming a habitué on this blog. Computer graphics by Studio Aiko. Actor: Nevo Shinar.
Zero 7 is a musical duo comprising Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker from the United Kingdom. (Source: Wikipedia)
Left Behind is included in their [...]

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WOLF PARADE – Modern World

I’m not in love with the modern world.

A short story of progress and unemployment. The new music video by Adam Bizanski uses stop animation to deploy the same theme as the song without staying too close to the lyrics, but also without undermining the spirit of the song.
Wolf Parade is a new formed band from [...]

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Who will save us from stupid people?

The petrol crimes will not remain unpunished anymore. The Petrol Crime Bureau is out with their electric cars to chase all those overpolluting SUV…
Reuben Sutherland directed, shot, edited and animated this kind of a dance video, but the choreographies are executed by cars…The model has been created from still [...]

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