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J DILLA – Nothing Like This

The first in a series of three (at least) music videos that will appear weekly on the web. They will be part of the Chrome Children DVD, a collaboration between Adult Swim and Stones Throw Records.
It’s a universal tale about the search for the loved ones, thru the seven seas and the four (five?) elements. [...]

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Strange machinery and weird creatures in this clip from Loyalkaspar.
From the same author, the music video for Pinback song, Fortress.
Concept and illustrations by Josh Goodrich.
Strani macchinari e creature bizzarre in questa clip di Loyalkaspar.
Dagli stessi autori del video di Fortress, la canzone dei Pinback.
Concept e illustrazioni di Josh Goodrich.

via Kamigurumi (itself via Blowup)

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Fur [...]

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PINBACK – Fortress

Summer is only winter with you.

Medieval stick figures do battle after an evil witch sows her wicked seeds around and divides the kingdom.
A beutiful video produced and designed by Loyalkaspar. Loyalkaspar is the working name of David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher who also directed the clip with Elliot Jokelson.
In January of 1998, San Diego’s Pinback [...]

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