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HOLDEN – Ce que je suis

Clouds and silhouettes… As a young woman walk through the city, the changes in her mood are reflected by her “personal” cloud, then influencing her meetings.
Holden is a French band of alternative music whose members are: Armelle Pioline, Mocke, Ludovic Leleu, Cristobal Carvajal-Rastello and Pierre-Jean Grappin.
Ce que je suis (What I am) is included in [...]

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PRUDENCE – A tort ou a raison

Another video that’s easier to watch than to describe. It’s like a mixed technique animation (using little objects, hand drawn, and the marks left by glasses) but it’s completely done as mixed technique (using 2D, 3D and Flash…)
Prudence is a French instrumental band, composed in 1996. The members are Emmanuel Enault, Tantely Zafimehy and Joris [...]

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