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Sigg Jones

When the heavy weight champion wrestler Sigg Jones drinks a strange Powerdrink, he loses control of himself unleashing all the good he had. His Agent will have to set him straight…

A short film from some time ago, directed by Douglas Lassance, Matthieu Bessudo and Jonathan Vuillemin, as their final work at Supinfocom.

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ASTEROKID – Galactic Mail

Space age delivery men from FedEx and UPS embark on an interplanetary space race (SLASH American football match) to deliver a special package.
A short film directed by Asterokid (AKA Douglas Lassance) and produced by Stephen Venning at The Mill.
Design, animation, life, the universe and everything by Douglas Lassance and Motraboy (AKA Jonathan Vuillemin).
Music by Resonate [...]

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