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WWF: How to Save the World

For a living planet.

When it comes to climate change, some people just don’t wanna listen. But maybe they’ll have a look at this simple animated short movie…
Design, animation and direction by: Jon Yeo and Maria Sandström. Written by: Rafaela Perera and Ravi Karawdra.
Quando si parla di cambiamento del clima, certa gente proprio non vuole [...]

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THE FRATELLIS – Ole Black`n`Blue Eyes

I can take the the waltz just so she could kick my head inI guess her name was Tina cause before I’d even seen herI was lost in her “what’s your name?”

The video follows The Fratellis (a singing sheriff, a deputy on a banjo, and the other with a drum) as the capture the villain [...]

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LABORATORY NOISE – You Created a Storm

Another obscure, dystopian, manic video from Jon Yeo’s mind. This time is a music video for the Laboratory Noise, who also did the music for Beauty is the Promise of Happiness.
“The general suggestion of the narrative is that the film takes place inside a persons head. During the opening shots we find ourselves in [...]

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JON YEO – Beauty is the Promise of Happiness

A very strange kind of short movie, that mixes animation, motion graphics, real action and whatever you can think of.
The inspirations for this piece include: Buddhism, Stendhal’s Syndrome, Nietzsche’s God is Dead, the work of Gottfried Helnwein, and even the cinematics for the playstation game Killzone that I posted before.
The title is also a quote [...]

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