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Fever Ray – Seven

Grey hair. Wrinkles. Flab. Time could make a great difference. They said so. It doesn’t need no explanation.

Another music video for Fever Ray’s debut album, following If I Had a Heart, When I Grow Up and Triangle Walks. Directed by Johan Renck at RAF.

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“There are many reasons for not trying drugs. One is not getting hooked on something that seemed really cool at first.”
Directed by Johan Renck. Produced at RAF. Director of photography: Mattias Montero. Commissioned by the Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator.
I’m tempted of starting a “tongue stuck to cold ice pole” category. But maybe not…
“Ci sono [...]

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Sagem: Photo

Noio volevam savuar…

A blast from the past, when nobody has a clue on what the hell you were supposed to do with a photo camera on a cellphone.
Photo (also known as Tokyo or Japan) was directed by Johan Renck and produced at Soixante Quinze. Director of photography: Mattias Montero.
Creative agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris. Creative director: [...]

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