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Reverie Sound Revue – You Don’t Exist if I don’t See You

When she has to adventure in the messy Fabric Land, a seamstress wishes away her studio clutter until she can exclaim: I created a monster!

Reverie Sound Revue is a Canadian indie pop group. You Don’t Exist is a single taken from their debut album, released for Boompa Records.

The music video has been directed by Jesse Ewles and produced at Vision Films. Production design: Exploding Motor Car.

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Of Montreal – An Eluardian Instance

An Eluardian Instance is a single from Skeletal Lamping, the ninth studio album by Of Montreal, released for Polyvinyl on October 2008.

The music video has been directed and animated by Jesse Ewles.

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Ohbijou – New Years


Mother Nature is waking up. Soon she’ll be doing her magic, once again. You’ll better not be in the surroundings…
Ohbijou is a Canadian indie pop band based in Toronto founded by Casey Mecija.
New Years is a single taken from their second album, entitled Beacons and released on June 2009.
The music video is the work of [...]

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In Case of Fire – Enemies

Why can’t I just saythere will be a day wheneveryone will hear the truth?Never in this world will we lose control of you.


Everything, is a giant conspiracy, set up especially for you. Everything, including conspiracy theories.
In Case of Fire (formely known as Element) are an alternative rock group from Northern Ireland. Members are: Steven Robinson, [...]

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Grizzly Bear – Central and Remote

Pressing matters bear.Through trials and time,I keep my feet right in line for flightso we never recognize.

A flower headed soldier struggles to do his job while he’s costantly being stalked by his nemesis.
Central and Remote is featured on Grizzly Bear’s album Yellow House, as well as (the previously posted) Knife.
The music video has been directed [...]

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Michael Zapruder – Ads for Feelings

He might look like a weird guy with a weird beard and a weird hat on his head. But he know the meaning of life.
Michael Zapruder is an musician and songwriter from the United States, known for the 52 Songs project, for which he wrote, recorded and posted a song each week for a [...]

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Evans Blue – The Pursuit

Are you alone where you are tonight?

Living is like trying to write a decent post for a music video on your blog: you are plenty of choices, but they’re all wrong.
Evans Blue is a alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded in 2005. Members are: Parker Lauzon, Vlad Tanaskovic, Joe Pitter and Davis Howard.
The [...]

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God is on my side.

A weird music video where an urban warrior makes his way through the back alleys of a city, pouching balloon versions of endangered species and meeting God.
Moros Eros (formerly In Vitro) is an American alternative rock band from Marietta, Georgia.
On Your Side is featured on their latest album, entitled Jealous Me [...]

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