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GARETH O BRIEN – Semi-Competitive

That squirrel’s gonna be dog food

Our hero Little Yella is a yellow puppet. He can’t wait to se his beloved Frieda. But when they meet, the fatal discovery: she’s been cheating on him with a kinky squirrel. Then, Yella goes on a quest to find out his rival.
In his short travel, thru a descending elevator, [...]

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RECLOOSE – Mana`s Bounce

Oh yeah! It’s time to party. Kids are playing, the barbecue is hot and every thing is gonna be alright! Or not? Yeah!
Recloose is Matthew Chicoine, an eclectic musician from New Zealand. Mana’s Bounce is taken from his second album, Hiatus On The Horizon, released for Loop Recordings in 2004.
The video has been directed by [...]

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