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Flaunt Magazine: 9th Anniversary

For succesful living.

A “3 minute experimental short film that co-branded Flaunt along side their sponsor Diesel, who provided the pressing of the DVDs included within the 9th anniversary issue” of the magazine.
Designed and animated at Royale. Creative directors: Jayson Whitmore and Brien Holman. Art director: Anthony Furlong. Design: Kyle Smith. Executive producer: Jennifer Lucero.
Lead animation: [...]

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Sprint: City Lights

…in less than a second!

Another light doodle commercial for Sprint, it appeared a bit before Monsters of Nascar.
Directed by Nieto and Marc Wilikins at Paranoid US. Direct. of photography: Marc Wilkins. Animators: Nieto, Taik Lee, Jason Brubaker. Editor: Justin Fong.
Colorist: Sean Coleman at Company 3. Post production made at BUF and Demiurge. Creative agency: Goodby, [...]

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Zune Arts: Dogfight

Don’t know what’s the hidden meaning here. When two Zune players try to exchange data, one of them crashes, maybe?
The spot has been developed at Fulltank, Santa Monica. Creative director: Chris Do. Executive producer: Ben Morris.
Art direction and character development: Ronald Kurniawan. Junior art director: Jonathan Kim.
Cell animation directors: Jason Brubaker and Taik Lee. [...]

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