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MICHELE D’AURIA – Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda is the institutional short film created by Michele D’Auria for Honda Italia, featuring the music of Lino Cannavacciuolo and the voice of Gianni Musy. Illustration: Simone Prisco. Animation and characters: Michele D’Auria. Vocalist: Ilaria Graziano.

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Sapporo Beer: Legendary Biru

Gorgeous spot, “shot on location over a month in Guangzhou, China” and made with a combination of computer graphics, 2D illustration and live action.

Directed by Mark Zibert at Sons and Daughters and Gary Thomas at Crush. Visual effects: Crush and Loki. Creative agency: Dentsu.

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Industrial landscapes, bird flocks, sparkling tires. This short animated film is fast as hell and choke full of exquisite details. Try not to miss any!

All elements in the film, including the music, are the work of Shunsuke Saito.

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Tokyo Sky Drive: Night (version 1)

Nothing crafty here. To do the magic, cat2525jp just needed a cool concept and a nice video trick. Oh, and a cool soundtrack by Sugar Plant. And Tokyo. And probably also some legal stuff to be settled before you can attach your camera to a train. But whatever, enjoy!

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TAKEUCHI TAIJIN – Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Fight for the things you love. Run after them, do all you can to get their very heart. And in the end you and them will be one and only thing.

This amazing stop animated short film is the work of Takeuchi Taijin: photos are shot, rearranged to compose the frame, and then photographed again.

I’m using the word photomation to point out those shorts that use this same technique, like PEN Story and Photo Finish.

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TAKENA NAGAO – Chainsaw Maid

They’re coming!

I guess the image above suffices as a preview and that preparing more images would be a waste of time…
Chainsaw Maid is the story of a woman that would go any distance to give satisfaction to her employers. She won’t be stopped by a bunch of brain eating zombies.
The short film is a claymation [...]

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Sour – Hibi no neiro

Warning: don’t try this at home!

Credits and Info

A genius piece of low fidelity, highly funny digital patchwork. A music video starring the Internet, that is you. Almost.
Sour is a Japanese post-rock band formed in spring 2002 by hoshijima, Sohey and KENNNNN.
Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday) is the lead single to their first mini album [...]

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Aus – With Rain

tao k’o tao fei ch’ang tao


There was something undefined and complete, existing before Heaven and Earth. It may be regarded as the mother of all things. Truthfully it has no name, but I call it pie!
Aus is the musical project of Yasuhiko Fukuzono, also curator of the independent record label Flau.
With Rain is a track [...]

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Light Forever.

Images and meanings are “cohesively combined… to express how the enormous energy of Tokyo dynamically circulates.”
The movie was featured at Citizen’s booth at the Baselworld 2009, the world’s biggest event for the watch and jewelry industry.
Infinity was produced at WOW. Creative director: Kosuke Oho. Art director was Takuma Nakazi.
Design: Daisuke Moriwaki, Daihei Shibata, Tsutomu [...]

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Dan Black – Symphonies

A couple of the wiresin my heart are broke.

First time I ain’t had to google around to find a poster image for a music video. (Loosely?) based on the title sequences of popular films, the clip is plenty of suitable images.
Symphonies is the new single by Dan Black. And it’s not a big deal if [...]

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Baby Mop

directed by Chris Milk
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Baby Mop in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Baby Mop in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Baby Mop su Vimeo.[Format: Flash Video, Quicktime]
LINK: Visita Chris Milk.
IMDB: Pagina di [...]

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CORNELIUS – Tone Twilight Zone

Some time ago I was collecting all clips featuring walking fingers. Then somewhat I forgot about that, until I saw this post on nozap. Now, I guess it’s time to post them.
Cornelius (born Keigo Oyamada) is a Japanese musician. Tone Twilight Zone is a song from Point, his 2001 album.
The music video has been directed [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Funk

Exorcism gets demons out of a body. Funk does just the opposite. Sexual innuendos are totally intended.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series of spots.
Directed by Geoffroy de Crecy and produced at Partizan. The [...]

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Asics Origami: In Pursuit of Perfection

In the beginning there was nothing. Only an idea.

The story of Kihachiro Onitsuka, who created a shoe that mimics the concave shape of the octopus suckers.
The story is told using paper folded creations by origami artist was Sipho Mabona.
The spot has been directed by Tim Schierwater and produced by Florian Liertz at Element e, Hamburg.
Stop [...]

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Sonic Unleashed: Night of the Werehog

HD Video available in the underneath links

In a haunted house, ghosts are scaring kids to death and taking photos of them to please their mistress. But when Sonic enters the door, thing ain’t gonna be that simple.
Night of the Werehog is a short film directed by Takashi Nakashima and produced by Takeshi Itou at Sega [...]

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