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Adelaide Airport: Panda Venture

They’re wild!
They’re mysterious!
They’re the wild and mysterious panda bears!

Win a trip to China and save the pandas from extinction! No? Ok, get extinct with them, then!
A television commercial featuring 1950s Fleischer styled 2D animation, produced at PRA.
Directed by: James Calvert. Advertising Agency: Jamshop.

Vinci un viaggio in Cina e salva i panda dall’estinzione! No? Allora estinguiti [...]

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Karma Currency: Charity Gift Vouchers

I want to rescue gorillas.

Kids will hopefully save the world. Just like in Children of the Corn, remember that?
The animated promo has been directed by James Calvert and produced at The People’s Republic of Animation.
Writers: Ash Rosshandler, Jen Rosshandler. Lead artist: Simon Westlake.
These Charity Gift Vouchers “can be sent to families or friends, customers or [...]

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Top End Pest Control: The Bugfather

They came from nowhere…

I’m gonna show you a clip you can’t refuse: Australian bugbuster company gets in the way of Tony Termite and his plans.
The spot was directed by James Calvert and produced at The People’s Republic of Animation. Creative agency: Image & Substance.

Vi mostro una clip che non potete rifiutare: una ditta di disenfestazioni [...]

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Mitsubishi Lancer: Safer in a Wild World

Wild is as wild does.

“Mikey sits in the back of his mother’s Lancer as she drives him home. The streets turn into a wild forest with monsters emerging from the shadows…”
Safer in a Wild World is one of the shorts “produced as part of the Mitsubishi Lancer Supershort Series, a Sony Tropfest and PBL Media [...]

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