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Behind The Scenes of It`s Mine!

As usual, knowing the tricks behind the magic performed at The Mill doesn’t diminish the sense of awe you feel while watching at their works.
Here’s a little montage of what took place during the making of It’s Mine, their spot for Coke aired during the 2008 Superbowl.
Come al solito, conoscere i trucchi usati dai [...]

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Coke: It`s Mine

Fra i due litiganti…
HD Video available below!

On Thanksgiving Day, at the annual Macy’s Parade, a playfully fight occurs between Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and the classic superhero Underdog. That is, their giant parade balloons.
“They soar through the Manhattan sky hovering and tumbling amongst the city buildings, their handling ropes dangle beneath, as they duke it [...]

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