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Populous ft. Short Stories – The Holy See

Populous is Andrea Mangia, born in Sogliano Cavour, Italy, and currently signed at Morr Music.

The music video has been directed, edited and post produced by Francesco Brunotti.

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Rolling Stone: Life n’ Roll

The viral video for the Rolling Stone Magazine has been directed by Marco Gentile and produced at Diaviva.

Directors of Photography: Mauro Chiarello, Luca Esposito. Editor: Stuart Greenwald. Post Production: EDI. Creative agency: DaLV BBDO.

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Lamborghini: The Pacemaker

At the dawn of time, when the universe was dark, an element arose over millions of years under extreme pressure: carbon. Exceptional, highly complex, present in all known life forms, and the foundation for a perfect material: carbon fiber.

Created at Sehsucht and directed by Hans Schultheiss and Ole Peters. Creative agency: Philipp & Keuntje.

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Who said that experimental animation is boring? Here’s an uber-funny piece that has gone wildly viral. It’s an airplane? It’s a flipbook? It’s Superman? Yes, all of these things.

The short has been conceived and animated by Donato Sansone. Sound Design: Enrico Ascoli.

You might have seen another video of them which is not where you saw it anymore, but I hope it’ll soon be there again, you know what I mean…

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N.A.M.B. – Radiorace

Presented in VHS-Scope, here’s an “animation telling the story of BMAN, a little naive robot dragged by chance in to the dark and scary world of the radio. Will our hero find his way back home?”

NAMB is a band from Turin, Italy, comprised of Davide Tomat, Luca Cognetti, Silvio Franco and Andrea Ghio. Radiorace is a single from their second album, entitled BMAN, a concept album about the struggle of a robot for musical freedom.

The music video has been directed and edited by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker. Animation: Francesco Boerio and Fabio Tonetto. Sound design: G.U.P. Alcaro.

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I know it might be disappointing to some, after reading the title, but the good thing about this kind of orgy is that you don’t have to watch your back (if you care for that sort of things, that is…)

The sexy and sleek short video is the work of Andrea Grosso Ciponte. The music is Orgy by Ravi Shankar from the soundtrack for Chappaqua.

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Riserva Total: Species of Drivers

Here’s a series of seven online videos made by Abstract Groove for oil company Total. Producer: Mauro Mastronicola. Creative agency: DLVBBDO. Music: Franky B.

The stories were created aiming “to obtain a surreal, ironic (but warm and natural at the same time) low-fi look mixing live action with 2D animation, stop motion and 3D.”

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BLU – Muto

Muto is an animated film by Blu produced at Mercurio Film. Assistant: Sibe. Music: Andrea Martignoni.

The title plays on the Italian word muto which means both mute and mutate (as in “I mutate”).

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A Bicycle Trip

Basel, 19 April 1943. Dr Albert Hofmann, a chemist, is cycling home after a day’s work in the laboratory. This episode has passed into legend, associated with the discovery of the effects on the human psyche of LSD.

A Bicycle Trip is the amazing short film by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta, three students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

Sound Design: Thomas Giorgi. Music: O’zittre nicht mein lieber sohn from W.A.Mozart’s The Magic Flute, re-elaborated by Roberto Boarini.

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Codatronca: This is not Gotham City

Director Kobayashi has been contacted by Paolo Spada, one of the owner of Spada Vetture Sport, to develop an online campaign for Codatronca, a super car with amazing performances and a unique design.

To emphasize the beautiness of its design, the vehicle (with the surrounding environment) has been rendered with two different styles. The result is a clash between photorealistic 3D and painted 2D images.

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Mestre Film Fest: Kids for Kids

The video is a special project of the fifth grader kids of the Primaria Marconi di Roncaglia, directed by Raffaella Traniello.

Il cinema fatto dai bambini (Cinema made by kids) is a special section of the Mestre Film Fest, featuring, well, films made by kids.

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Alfa Romeo Mito: Space Invaders

The spot is a nice way to show how the car saves on fuel and reduces pollution. Even though it could also be used to show the exact opposite…

Produced by Stefania Odero at Buddy Film and directed by Alex & Steffen, via Spy Films. Post production: Unexpected. Music by Flavio Ibba. Creative agency: Saffirio Tortelli Vigoriti.

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EMET: The Golem Myth is a short film produced at Bonsai Ninja and written by Daniele Bonaiuti, Fabio Legnani, Massimiliano Pareschi, Gabriele Rossi, Dario Spinelli, Davide Tappero Merlo.

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EMET: Making of

The Making of EMET.

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Without an element of cruelty at the root ofevery spectacle, the theatre is not possible.

Credits: ENG – ITA

Come and go mad!
Demence is a short movie ideated and directed by Alice Bramucci and inspired to the concept of Theatre of Cruelty by Antonin Artaud.
The animations are made using actual paint, spread on photocopies of photos [...]

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