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CHRISTIAN SCHLAEFFER – The Return of John Frum

John Frum returns as an astronaut and businessman to the postindustrial wasteland of the financial service economy. Together with a native, he sets out for a conquest of the useless; then things get confused, and what begins as a journey turns into a trip far off the boundaries of logic and meaning.

This amazing short film, which would make an animation studio proud of their work, has actually been designed, directed and animated by one person, German student of design Christian Schlaeffer.

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Coca Cola: Big Splash

An eye candy piece of commercial directed by Stylewar and produced at Stink. Editor: Joakim Piedras at Stopp. Post Production: Swiss. Creative Agency: Ogilvy Argentina. The song is What a Wonderful World, as sung by Joey Ramone.

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PETER WALLACH – Santa Goes South

Come with us now to the South Pole!

“In a desolate castle in the South Pole lurks Santastein, keeper of an industrial shop of horrors.” This is the story of how he turned into Santa Claws…
“Animation and live-action producer Peter Wallach brings this demented and sexually repressed Santa to life using both humor and horror.” (Source: [...]

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Renault: Inflatables

Dejás de pensar sólo en llegar.

Balloons visualize what people would rather be doing instead of being stuck in the gridlock. Not comic balloons. Inflatable balloons.
The spot was directed by Nico & Martín and produced by Fernando Damiano at Awards Cine.
Executive Producer: Alfredo Perez Veiga. Director of photography: Hugo Colace. Editor: Natacha Valerga.
Creative agency: Publicis Graffiti. [...]

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Coke: It`s Mine

Fra i due litiganti…
HD Video available below!

On Thanksgiving Day, at the annual Macy’s Parade, a playfully fight occurs between Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and the classic superhero Underdog. That is, their giant parade balloons.
“They soar through the Manhattan sky hovering and tumbling amongst the city buildings, their handling ropes dangle beneath, as they duke it [...]

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EMILIANA TORRINI – Fisherman`s Woman

HD Video downloadable below!

An inflatable, composable, strawberry red rubber singer will tease you in this video…
Emilíana Torrini Davíðsdóttir is an Icelandic singer. Fisherman’s Woman is featured on her album with the same name released in 2005 for Rough Trade Records. (Source: Wikipedia)
The song was written by Emiliana Torrini and Francis ‘Eg’ White, and performed with [...]

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Avast, ye Scurvy Scallywags!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own boat, and sail the seven seas with the wind in your face? Perhaps not, if you’re living in an inflatable world where anything sharp could result in perilous catastrophe. (Source: CG Channel)
Pfffirate is a short animated movie realized by Xavier André (now he works [...]

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Inflate Escape

“Inflate Escape is a 3D animation-short about a lonely balloon in a park. When all of his friends are already sold and set free, the balloon takes his fate into his own hands and tries to set himself free as well.”
This short movie has been made by three students of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam as [...]

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