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Floating Head

Don’t lose your head. You will very likely regret it later…

A short film directed and played by Ben Dickinson for Waverly Films. Writers: Christopher Ford (also playing as the head), Jeff Kaplan, Ben Dickinson.

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The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 1

The short film is the work of the team at Greek studio Nomint: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis and Yannis Konstantinidis wrote, directed and animated.

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Charter Communications: Love

The spot has been designed and directed by Matt Smithson AKA Man vs Magnet; and it was produced by Meg Donohoe at Curious Pictures. Flash animations byArthur Metcalf. Compositing and animation by Jess Mireau, David Soto and Dale Clowdis.

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US Army: Lifted


Yea, yea, carry your world in your hand and stuff like that but… US Army? Really?!?
The spot has been made in house at Nylon. One in a series commissioned by the video portal
Creative directors/designers: Bryan Lee and Jason Cook. Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano.
Animators: Jake Portman (lead) and David Lewandowski. Character design: Nick Jeong.
Sound Design: [...]

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Bring Me The Horizon – The Comedown

You’re One Ugly Mother Fucker!

Predator has issues trying to adapt to the ordinary life of Rotherham. He’ll attend a recovery group with his friends Chewbacca, Sooty and Mr. Blobby.
Bring Me The Horizon is Oliver Sykes, Matt Nichols, Curtis Ward, Matt Keane and Lee Malia, the people making noise in the video.
The Comedown is a single [...]

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Maraveyas: Pou na vro mia na sou miazi

How many blondes, brunettes, happy and melancholics,green-eyed, speedy, freaks, religious, trendy, low-lifes.

Our hero is struggling to find the perfect girl who’s worthy of his, erm, ice cream.
Maraveyas is Kostis Maraveyas‘ band comprised of himself, Nikos Papavranousis, Ilan Manouach, Angelos Papadatos and Gregorio Danis.
Που να βρω μια να σου μοιάζει (more or less: Where to find [...]

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Nice and little short about Chupu, a nice little bear, and his nice and little daily routine.
The director is Ali Taylor and she’s signed at Sherbet. Ali likes to experiment with new types of media, developing strong mystical styles that captivates the imagination. She won the Award for a first film at Annecy 2005 with [...]

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DON PAN – Conehead

Slow! Mind that child!

It’s been a very hot day. That’s why Conehead, our hero, is chasing a runaway ice-cream van. Or maybe not?
Conehead it the final graduation project of Dan Pan, a student of the Bournemouth University’s NCCA.
“The main idea was to get a very staged look to the environment with different layers and a [...]

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