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A Perfect Circle – Weak and Powerless

Warning: nudity.

How does it feel being desperate and ravenous? Well, whatever, who cares…
A Perfect Circle (APC) is an alternative rock supergroup formed by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.
Weak and Powerless is the first single from their second album, entitled Thirteenth Step and released on September 2003 for Virgin Records.
The music video [...]

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Pretty Polly: Love Legs

You’re a very beautiful woman.It’s easy to see why men should lose their heads over you.

“A shapely pair of women’s legs emerging from a giant cosmetics compact. To an operatic score, the woman languorously applies the cosmetics to her legs, before slipping into her clothes and a killer pair of heels.”
The ad, which is airing [...]

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Simpsonize Me: World Domination

Aliens have all the fun!

Well, today the Simpsons Movie is released in Italy, so I’m taking advantage of this to post the only Simpsons related material I can show up here without putting my life in danger.
The video promotes a partnership between Burger King and the Simpsons Movie, and the related Simpsonize Me website.
The spot [...]

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— That’s tingling!— That means it’s working.

A nice gift to show your mom that you still remember where you came from!
Realized for Mother’s Day, this is a self promo realized by creative agency Mother, New York. Directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions.
Un bel regalo per mostrare a mamma che non dimentichi le tue origini!
Realizzato [...]

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MUSE – Knights of Cydonia

In an martian far west, knights fight robots, cowboys do kung fu (martian arts?) and duel with laser beam guns to decide who gets the girl. Almost every genre of trash cinema is referenced in this long music video directed by Joseph Kahn.
Muse are an alternative rock band formed in Teignmouth, Devon, in 1994. The [...]

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