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Les Dents De La Nuit: Opening Credits

Check, check, check, shake!

Vampires hunt our heroes all through this funny and enjoyable opening sequence for Les Dents De La Nuit (Teeth of the Night), a movie directed by Stephen Cafiero and Vincent Lobelle (AKA Les Elvis).
Lovely crafted at Deubal. The soundtrack song is Toy Boy, performed by the Stuck In The Sound.
I vampiri danno [...]

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The Rickshaws – So Free

HD Video available in the underneath links.

And here’s another promo referencing classic horror movies. “Her beauty allure even to the man beasts from the dawn of time… Cinematic terror awaits all who subside to the hypnotic eye!”
The Rickshaws are a band from Auckland, New Zealand. Band members are: Kris Raven (drums), Rob Hartnell (guitar and [...]

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All she knew was that this was a different world…

One out of three short movies produced at Radium to promote Toby Barlow’s novel Sharp Teeth.
This one, based on an excerpt for chapter 7, has been directed by Limbert Fabian and produced by Matt Thunell. Audio: Frank Salazar.
Animated and created by: James Tobias, Nader Husseini, Mark [...]

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Phantom Planet – Big Brat

You’re always up to no good.

A bunch of guys is shooting a low budget zombie movie. But it’s all fake for real, or it’s really real… for fake?
Phantom Planet is an alternative rock band from Southern California. Big Brat is featured on their third, eponymous album released on January 2004.
The music video has been directed [...]

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Underground: Moe and Curly

If I was Moe and/or Curly I’d certainly sue the cineplex. That’s not fair at all!
One out of six spots for Underground, a TCM series of movies and hosted by Rob Zombie, Moe and Curly has been directed and animated by Freestyle Collective.
Executive producer: Elizabeth Kiehner. Creative director: Victor Newman. Designers: Mark Bellncula and [...]

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[REPOST] S. MACKAY SMITH – Happy Anniversary


Careful what presents you get, especially when you live in a world half way between the Tim Burton-verse and the Sam Raimi-verse…
The short has been directed, shot, cut and scored Stuart MacKay Smith (previously here with Put Your Hands Up for Detroit)
Starring: S. MacKay-Smith, Pilar Alvarez and Bride of Valentine, the doll.
Music: Antonio Vivaldi’s Summer [...]

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RAJNEEL SINGH – Big Bad Wolves

Contains excessive offensive language,horror violence and brief nudity.Viewer discretion is strongly advised…

Chain smoking gangsters discuss the true meaning behind the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in a re-elaboration of the Like a Virgin scene from Reservoir Dogs.
The movie, based on a sketch written by Chris Kerr, has been directed by Rajneel Singh and [...]

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DANIEL BLOOMBERG – The Greatest Gift


If there’s something worst than being late at the show is to leave when it’s about to start. That’s what happen here…
I actually thought it was gonna be some sort of social commentary, with a xerox machine ingurgitating stereotyped chicks, but I was proven wrong, in the end.
The short movie and/or unofficial music video for [...]

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Very creepy Flash music video, whose narrative revolves around a woman giving birth to a child that is somehow fated…
The song is by “gothic trip-hop” Russian band Theodor Bastard, featuring Театр яда and Verba.
The video has been realized by Art-Hur. You could read more about him here. Eheheh…
Inquietante video in Flash, la cui storia [...]

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Gotchi and Dootchi: La Bibliotheque

No Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

Well, it’s that time of the year when spooky tales and fancy costumes , so enjoy this short clip, the pilot episode of an animated series (yet yo produce) called Gotchi & Dootchi.
Gotchi and Dootchi are just regular weird guys living their regular weird lives. In this [...]

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NICK FORSHEE – An Exceptional Comfort In Static

One summer’s day.

A classic horror tale.
“Held back by the lights, the boogeyman in the wall patiently waits. The boy was safe until, that night, his town’s power supply ran dry…”
The movie has been written and directed by Nick Forshee. Sound design by Greg Carlson at Sound Roast Sound. Narrated by Phil Barrons. Music by David [...]

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Fantasy FilmFest 2007: Monster Party

Un vampiro non è,se beve pomodoro il conte Dracula…

Monsters are giving a party to open the 2007 Fantasy Filmfest in Germany.
The clip has been directed and edited by Frank Vogt at Magnamana. Compositing: Mark Dauth. Computer graphics (for backgrounds): Thomas Klieber, Viktor Klassen and Sebastian Schminke.
Stop motion animation realized by Juergen Kling at [...]

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The Horrors – She`s the New Thing

She’s a special girl you know,the kind I’d hope to see,hanging on a wall,watching me cross the street

Join the splatter feast!
The Horrors are a five-piece garage rock band who formed in the summer of 2005 comprised of Faris Rotter, Joshua Third, Tomethy Furse, Spider Webb and Coffin Joe.
She’s the New Thing is featured on their [...]

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Terror Vision


Blood and nude bodies. What could you ask more from a flick? Ah, yeah, I know…
This is the show open for Terror Vision, a series of short movies intended for distribution on mobile devices.
The spot was produced at Superfad; designed, animated and creative directed David Viau at Vox Studios. Creative agency: Stone Tiger Entertainment.
Sangue e [...]

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BULGARI – Curare

Arresting visuals, a good storyline, and some interesting music. What could you ask for more from a music video?
Bogdan Irkük, AKA Bulgari, AKA Kárpatja Bolgari, AKA The Bulgari Thundercat (and I could go on but I’m going to sleep in a couple of hours…) is a Bulgarian musician.
Curare is a song featured on The [...]

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