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And you call this a post?

Okay, today should be the day. Will try and publish new posts regularly again. There are hundreds of mails and messages to answer. Will try and deal with all of them, but it’ll take time. For urgent requests, you should probably write me again.

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Go Marching In!

We’ll all be reunited,on a new and sunlit shore.

Hi guys! Thanks to all who worried or asked about me, and my excuses to those who still check the blog daily to see if I’d give a sign of life.
I thought I could take some days off to reconsider some things (not only about this blog, [...]

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Back in Charge

Sorry for the long long sleep… :)
Mi scuso per la lunga dormita… :)

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A.I. (Almost Impossible)

Gli esami non finiscono mai! (The exams never end!)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Just another week, and I’ll resume my regular posting.
Mi spiace per la mancanza di aggiornamenti. Un’altra settimana e riprendero’ a postare regolarmente.

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