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HP: Flea Circus

Nothing seems to be going right for this band of merry fleas, but their mishaps create a far more entertaining performance.

The spot for HP’s Wobulation has been directed by David Daniels, Jim Clark, Ray Di Carlo at Bent.

While the fleas were all created and animated in computer graphics, the set and props are entirely real: designed using similar computer graphic tools, they were then printed using a 3D printer

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Making of Flea Circus

A brief glimpse on the techniques used in the making of Flea Circus, a spot made at Bent for some video technology developed by HP.

Directed by David Daniels, Jim Clark, Ray Di Carlo. Editor: Brian Kinkley.

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HP: Invent

Freakin’ awesome!

A short video made for the D&AD Student Awards 2009, sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
“Focusing on the synchronization of of HP products, printers become an orchestra in an aesthetic symphony conducted by workstations.”
The video has been designed and directed and edited by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth.
The song is Hold Me Back by the Round [...]

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HP and Paulo Coelho: The Experimental Witch

Set out on a journey of discovery.

The experimental witch is an online contest for (aspiring) filmmakers, sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
Put together your own vision of Paulo Coelho’s last book, The Witch of Portobello, and send it in. The winners will be edited into a feature film. The rules can be found on Paulo Coelho’s blog.
To [...]

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Michel Gondry, Eternal Dreamer

I’m a dreamer, but I’m not a very good sleeper…

Partizan and Olivier Gondry are developing a new campaign for Hewlett Packard via creative agency Goodby & Silverstein, building upon the previous Hands, realized by Motion Theory.
Visual effects are the work of Eight VFX, Santa Monica, California. Such a lovely place? Editor was Olivier Gajan at [...]

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HP: Il Postino

It’s gone postal…

The postman… Niether snow, nor heat, nor giant robots will keep him from delivering your mail.
Commercial for Hewlett-Packard technology applied to US Postal system, directed by Fredrik Bond at MJZ.
Editor is Hank Corwin at Lost Planet. Visual effects made at Method Studios.
Il postino… Non la neve, nè il calore, nè un robot gigante [...]

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HP: Restore

Striking spot for Hewlett & Packard restoring technology, directed by Rupert Sanders for Omaha Pictures. Sanders is currently represented by MJZ.
Spot d’impatto per la tecnologia di restauro di Hewlett & Packard, diretto da Rupert Sanders per Omaha Pictures. Sanders è attualmente rappresentato da MJZ.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Restore.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: [...]

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ANDY POWER – The Painter

A long-abandoned robot lives in a dusty basement spending his time drawing scenes of exotic locations on the walls. One day he kicks an old oil can; a genie appears and grants him three wishes.
Directed by Andy Power, The Painter was a collaboration between 422 South and the HP Laboratories, using Frame Factory, an experimental [...]

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