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Heavenly Sword: The Day of the Warrior

Now it’s the moment when the warrior must rise.

And so, a child is born. But…
The ending to the Heavenly Sword series. Eh, what would you expect? Play the game to see how it actually ends! :P
E il bambino nacque. Ma…
Il finale della serie di Heavenly Sword. Eh, che vi aspettavate? Per vedere come finisce, c’è [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Divine Birth

Then at last, the time had come…

Protecting the Heavenly Sword from the greed of mankind, until the heavenly warrior will return: that is the duty of the Clan. That time is about to come…
The fourth episode in the animated series by Ben Hibon pave the path for the final battle.
Proteggere la Spada Celeste dall’avidità del [...]

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Heavenly Sword: Updates

You may remember from last week, I talked about a different third episode of the animated series. Well, it turned out to be actually the fourth episode. So I’ll hold back and make a single posting next week, for the grand finale.
Oh, the making of? Interesting, but the guys have had their t-shirts censored all [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Rise of Evil

It wouldn’t be the last time…

Becoming the king may be nothing when you want to be a God. But… are you worth the faith and respect of mankind?
The third episode in the animated series from Ben Hibon, a little too much on the clichés, but still amazing.
P.S. You may have seen a different episode on [...]

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Making of Heavenly Sword: Capture Performance

Sony gives us another insight at the making of what looks more like a huge investment than a simple game…
In this third episode, you’ll see the work done at Weta Digital to capture the movements and the facial expressions of the actors, under the dramatic direction of Andy Serkis (Gollum anyone?) and the way [...]

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Making of Heavenly Sword: Bringing Design to Life

You thought it was over, ain’t ya? Well, there’s actually a second ongoing series of movies on Heavenly Sword, this one about the making of the game. I’ll skip the first episode, you can find it, as any other content I posted, on the official website of the game.
In this second episode, we’re given [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Animated Series

The gorgeous animations you’ve just seen are part of a series written by Jon Ashley and Bart Yates, that will comprise five episodes when completed.
The series has been commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, to promote their killer application for the PS3, Heavenly Sword.
Directed by acclaimed artist Ben Hibon, the series has been produced at [...]

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Heavenly Sword: Guardians of the Sword

The sword, once a blessing for mankindhad become a curse…

In the second part of the epic story, we see the aftermaths of the battle: though the godsend warrior vanished, his heavenly sword still stays. All men battle and die to get their hand over it, until…
Stay with us, while Ben Hibon et co. astonish you [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Legend of the Sword

And so was born the legend of the heavenly sword.And thousands will die for it.

In the first part of the story of the Heavenly Sword, humanity is on the verge of a great defeat. When the evil forces are taking over, a mighty warrior appear from heaven with his huge sword, and saves the day.
Ben [...]

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Heavenly Flood

Le ultime parole famose…

No, I’m not posting about Noah’s Ark, even though we’ll stay on the fantasy genre.
Just this morning I was chatting with a regular visitor of the blog about the lack of new material. I didn’t even press enter, that I stumbled across the motherlode.
That was just to say: great stuff incoming.
No, non [...]

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