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Shake it baby!

This is gotta be the weirdest cocktail you’ll ever see. Now: where can I find a dinosaur?
The spot has been directed and animated by Daniel Oeffinger for creative agency Love and War. Director of photography: Derrick Gomez.
Here’s another spot in the same campaign.
Questo è il cocktail più strano che vi capiterà di vedere. [...]

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I know its all a joke I wonder if you knowHe believes he wants to be a star.

While a kid (Rowan Baer Peake) is boring himself at the park, suddenly, a glimpse of heaven makes him realize that he oughta build his dreams with his own hands.
Despite of some flaws (directing kids must be a [...]

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Invisible Harleys

Vroom! Vrooooooom!

Jess Riegel and Michael Figge spent seven weeks of their lives to create this Mario Kart parody film.
A guy (Alex Afzali) and a gal (Gilli Nissim) find a better way to wait for the bus than keep sitting down…
The project was part of a Harley-Davidson viral video competition, an experimental class held at University [...]

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