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BRETT SIMON – Sailor`s Girl

When it’s your timeit’s your time.

With The Sailor’s Girl, music video director Brett Simon weaves a simple tale about Julia, a girl who provides an odd service in an abandoned car on the outskirts of town. For 15 dollars, she’ll show you your conception. For an extra fiver, she’ll go one step further. (Source: [...]

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AARON RUELL – Everything`s Gone Green

A man (played by Hamish Linklater) who has not left the building he works and lives in for 14 years, meets a receptionist (Alexandra Holden) eager to understand more about his mysterious life. (Source: IMDB)
Short (well, it’s 18 minutes!) movie directed by Aaron Ruell, probably more known for his role as Kip in Napoleon Dynamite. [...]

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