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Buzz – Mars, the Bringer of War

A beautiful animation set in the space between the Earth and Mars, a space inhabited by mysterious creatures whose intentions are not perfectly clear.

Buzz is a chamber music brass quintet comprised of Frédéric Gagnon, Sylvain Lapointe, Pascal Lafrenière, Jason De Carufel, Sylvain Arseneau. Buzz and organist Mélanie Barney recorded a version of Gustav Holst’s The Planets arranged by Enrico O. Dastous.

The video has been directed and animated by Rémy Larochelle and produced at Aviva with the help of Musication.

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Tomas: Champagne Jungle

Warning: not safe for work!

One in a series of three animation for James Palumbo’s novel; directed by Mark Warrington at Mainframe. Based on Neal Murren’s artwork for the book.
Music: Mars, the Bringer of War, first movement from The Planets, the orchestral suite by Gustav Holst.
Una di una serie di tre animazioni per il romanzo di [...]

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Guinness: Tornado

E poi c’era la marmotta…

You have probably wondered why in the world are there people who chases storms. Well, now you know.
Spot directed by Martin Krejci and produced by Blake Powell and Fraser Lawson at Stink Films.
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London. Creative directors: Tim Hearn and Anton Crone. Copywriter: Alice Gnodde. Art direction: Larissa [...]

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