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Under the gleaming, lifeless sprawl of an alien dystopia, a desperate top-secret experiment is taking place. A machine is built to travel beyond the depths of space and time. It finds a primitive dimension and a planet whose inhabitants seem to have been expecting it.

This is the short film version of the music video for the track Kananana by The Emperor Machine (Andy Meecham). The original version can be found here.

Written and directed by: Cassiano Prado. Stop Animation: Guilherme Marcondes. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of photography: Peter Emery.

Production Companies: Agile Films and Mixer Brasil. Sound Design: Kieron Teather AKA Wolfson at Element Audio.

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BBC2: Bruce Parry Ident

“…the ultimate exploitation machine, powered by human beings, ravaging the land, sucking nature on one side and spitting consumer goods on the other.”
Spot directed and animated by Guilherme Marcondes and produced by Hana Shimizu at Hornet Inc.
It “was one in a series of six (each directed by a different person) promoting some of the [...]

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An earlier work from the author of Tyger, Into Pieces (Aos Pedaços) deals with things that really make you lose your marbles!
The short has been directed by Guilherme Marcondes, based on illustrations by Daniel Bueno. Sound design by Paulo Beto. Produced at Lobo.
Lavoro precedente dell’autore di Tyger, Into Pieces (Aos Pedaços) parla di cose [...]

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Tyger tyger, burning bright,In the forest of the night…

Amazyng short movie directed and edited by Guilherme Marcondes and based on the poem The Tyger by William Blake that uses a mix of puppetry and animation.
“A giant jungle cat roams the city and transforms the urban jungle of São Paulo into an actual one, illuminating everything [...]

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