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Something Left, Something Taken

Hey there! Pardon the little break. I thought I could start the week with this “animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.” I guess that happens at least once to everyone of us.

Something Left, Something Taken is an awesome and crafty animated short film created by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata AKA Tiny Inventions. Be warned: every time you’ll blink your eyes, you lose something cool.

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“Ricicla is a short animation made by 120 pupils of an Italian primary school. Each one of the six little animations (filmini) composing the film is about one of the recycling bins — organic waste, paper, plastic, glass, tin, waste — and the images and sounds are made using only that particular recyclable material.

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I stand accused, just like you,
of being born without a silver spoon…

Copyright © 2002 University of Southern California

There are not a lot of biographic films here, but it turns out somebody did a film about the story of my file, so I felt obliged to post it…
The short movie is the work of Yoriko Murakami, [...]

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Jon Allen – Dead Man’s Suit

Dead Man’s Suit is the first single and the name of the debut album by Jon Allen, a folk rock singer-songwriter born in Winchester, currently living in London.

Music video directed by: Tactful Cactus. Directors of Photography: Ben Todd and Ossie Bacon.

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JOHN WHITNEY – Measured Sacrifice

A young woman named Terry lives in poverty in a future America embroiled in an unending “war on terror.” She faces an unplanned pregnancy, and must decide whether or not to enter a highly controversial government program that provides financial security for women in her situation. Entering the program will meet her financial needs but will put her at odds with everyone in her life including herself. Terry must face up to her haunted past and her uncertain future.

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Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Hearts

Dead Hearts is featured on the debut album by Dead Man’s Bones, the musical project of actors Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl) and Zach Shields.

The video has been directed by Dead Man’s Bones. Production design by Robot Chicken’s Jed Hathaway. Produced by: Kathleen Heffernan.

The kinetic sculpture, entitled Machine with Wishbone, is the work of Arthur Ganson.

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Tom Fun Orchestra – Throw Me To The Rats

Oh throw me to the ratsThose scathing new age bratsThe blinking eyes of alley catsWatch me sink from where I sat.


“An incontinent cat treads the boards of a vaudevillian cardboard theatre” in this grotesque music video.
The Tom Fun Orchestra is an indie rock ensemble from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, formed in 2005 by singer-songwriter Ian [...]

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United Way: Choices

There can be a better way.Help her find it.


United Way is an international organization whose aim is to improve people’s life by helping them to achieve their individual potential.
This beautiful animation directed by We Are Om (Anton Groves, Damian Groves, Richard Hardy) promotes their Romanian section.
Illustration by Andy Luke AKA Sinboy. Animation by: Adrian Aghenitei, [...]

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Jeff Moore – Only a Miner

Your mining’s all over, poor miner, farewell.

A coal miner struggles to make a better life for his family. Now available in charcoal!
Jeff Moore is a Irish folk musician from Austin, Texas. Only a Miner is featured on his album The Dove’s Perch.
The song is a cover of Prince Among Men, written and performed by [...]

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Channel 4: Disarming Britain

We’ve bred all our kittens whiteSo you can see them in the night.

There were 9650 firearms offences in the United Kingdom in 2007. Getting a gun has become a child’s play. Using one is something else.
A touching video for Disarming Britain, Channel 4 campaign focused on the increasing use of violence and weapons by young [...]

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You know I’m lost without you.

It is sad to lose somebody you love. But perhaps it’s even sadder to find him again. Or maybe not.
Lost and Found is a short film by Filip Piskorzynski starring Eve Dufaud, Maxime Mallet and Alix Lieury.
The film was shot in October 2008 during the Kino Kabaret, between Paris, La [...]

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Oddworld: Stranger`s Wrath

Cry not for usOur souls surviveJustice awaitsThe waters rise

An old clip, but given the massive amount of time I spent on the 1st episode of Oddworld, it would be a crime not to post it.
Cinematic directed by Lorne Lanning and produced by Josh Hereen in house at Oddworld Inhabitants.
Animation: Rich McKain. Technical director: Iain Morton. [...]

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Steven Delopoulos – The Ruin of the Beast

Beware o’ the beast. I’ll leave to Obtusity to talk about the video and its messages. I’ll rest a while. Got a beast to fight.
Steven Delopoulos is a singer and songwriter from New Jersey, in the USA. The Ruin of the Beast is featured on his album, Straighjacket.
The music video has been created by Cory [...]

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MINA YONEZAWA – A Happy Thermometer

It seems we choose the wrong world to procreate. Well, yes, in fact we ain’t had any choice in that.
A Happy Thermometer is a tragicomic animated short movie by Mina Yonezawa.
Music: Takashi Watanabe, Midori Kurata, Keitarou Iijima. Sound: Naoki Takahashi.
Sembra che scegliemmo il mondo sbagliato su cui procreare. Beh, sì, in effetti non abbiamo [...]

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A short clip from Antonio Vicentini AKA Toninho, “in the struggle to learn motion graphics”.
Breve clip da Antonio Vicentini alias Toninho, “nello sforzo di imparare la motion graphic”.

DOWNLOAD (NTSC): Scarica Memórias.[Format: AVI - Size: 33 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Memórias.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 1 [...]

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