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Backwards is a short film produced by students of the De Anza College. It was written, directed and edited by Adrian Thompson.

Assistant Director: Jesee Walker. Director of Photography: Will Myers. Camera Operator: Dustin Yates. Production Assistant: Tony Magnisi.

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Fleggaard: Nude Skydive

While topless skydiving sounds like interesting enough, I’ve actually posted this because I love when a golf match get interrupted.

The spot has been directed by Peter Harton and developed at creative agency Uncle Grey, Denmark.

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Nosaj Thing – Aquarium


A name, Serena, which reminds me of my first crush. Ah, I’m getting old, I am…
The video has been directed and created by Dugan O’Neal. Nosaj Thing is Los Angeles based producer and DJ Jason Chung.
Cast: Benjamin Perkins Burke is the Captain; Lily Rose Love is the mermaid; Michca Devlin, Nick James Kruger and Lucas [...]

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The End.

Poor Man. You should have listened to Stripy, the voice of your conscience, when you could. Yes, he was laughing at you but, now you know it, he couldn’t help it.
And now, the only thing you can do is to laugh along with Stripy. Laugh man, laugh!
Oh, anyway. This is an episode from an [...]

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