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“Ricicla is a short animation made by 120 pupils of an Italian primary school. Each one of the six little animations (filmini) composing the film is about one of the recycling bins — organic waste, paper, plastic, glass, tin, waste — and the images and sounds are made using only that particular recyclable material.

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Talkdemonic – Duality of Deathening

Talkdemonic is an avant-instrumental folktronic duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro.

Duality of Deathening is a track from their 2008 album entitled Eyes at Half Mast and released for Arena Rock Recording.

The music video is the work of Orie Weeks III. The middle part is inspired to the famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn.

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Team William – You Look Familiar

A trigger happy (and less safe for work) music video, inspired to the Max Fleischer era cartoons.

Team William is a Belgian indie pop band. You Look Familiar is the third single off their eponymous debut album.

The music video has been directed by Michélé De Feudis and Joris Bergmans of Nouvelle Cuisine. Additional artists: Lois Van Baarle, Maxim Vandeputtem, Michèle Vanparys, Koen De Koninck.

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ROMAIN CARLIER – La bête à bon dieu

Epargne-lacette mouche qui priemains jointes et pieds joints!(Kobayashi Issa)

Little ladybug has got a little problem with doughnuts, but being the Dear Lord’s Beast (at least for the French) has its advantages.
La bête à bon dieu is a short movie by Romain Carlier, student of Supinfocom.
La piccola coccinella ha un problema con le ciambelle, ma essere [...]

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Jesus is Back

Was he bigger than me?

A pilot for an animated series that is very likely to never see the light. No idea about who’s going to hell for this.
Testify the second coming of Jesus, the chance encounter with a former brothel mom and the traumatic discovery of how non self begotten child are made.
Also starring: Santa [...]

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Whiskey Business – Whiskey Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ was pissed!

A couple of drunkards find themselves in the desert in the company of someone quite popular son of God who’s angry at them. Old Testament chaos ensues.
Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business is the bluegrass duo of Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, joined by some friend of them.
The music video has been [...]

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God: Remove to Play

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this documentunder the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License
ORIGINAL IMAGE: 15-puzzle-02.jpg

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Ragapella – Microhyzae

“This is the story of Shiva and the Hunter. The Hunter went out to the forest one day in search of game when a tiger suddenly forced him up a tree.
“In order to stay awake he plucked the leaves from the tree which, by chance, pleased Shiva who was fond of that particular leaf.
“The [...]

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Flipron – Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead

Honey, it’s not funny…

An old fashioned animation involving dinosaurs, saucy ladies and accordions. Viva la evolución!
Flipron are a band from Glastonbury, UK, consisting of singer and songwriter Jesse Budd, pianist and organist Joe Atkinson, drummer Mike Chitty and bassist Greg Shepheard.
Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead is a single taken from their 2004 album Fancy [...]

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Grip Wrench: Presidator

A religious man who have walked with God.

He’s back!!! Another episode of the series, where Grip Wrench is trying to take the step from Governator to Presidator.
Created, written and animated by Rex Crowle and produced at Duke.
Theme song by Daniel Pemberton. Music and sound design: David Kamp. Voices: Colin MacFarlane, Kareem Ettouney and Johnny Hopper.
E’ [...]

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eis tous aionas ton aionon

A doxology is a short hymn of praise to God in various Christian worship services.
Doxology is also Michael Langan’s short movie, created at Rhode Island School of Design, which incidentally was featured on the first episode of Cartoon Brew TV.
“Before reaching spiritual enlightenment, one sweater-vested young man (Michael Langan) must face [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Gift of the Titan Smile

Sacrificial Celebration Appeases Deity

“He who appeases the Titan is he who reaps great reward.”
The SCADShort from June 2008 is a dance on the thin line between life and death, written and directed by Christian Simmons and produced by Josh Lind.
Cast: Tarren Johnson is the dancing girl; Rachel Sellers is the second beggar.
The Titan “slaves”: Eugene [...]

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How Puppies Are Made

Imagine if Darwin was on acids when he wrote On the Origin of Species. This is what could have come out…
The short movie has been designed, directed and animated by Jake Portman at Not Actual Size.
Screenplay by written by Charlie Short. Character design by Bill Sneed. Music and sound design made at [...]

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MARKUS FEDER – Identitaet

You are so fucking screwed!

“The Landjugend presents you a short film about an old fellow being confronted with other peoples’ judgements about him and how he deals with it.”
Identität has been directed by Markus Feder, his graduation work for his design studies at the Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg.
Sound design by Wyzton Borrero.
“The Landjugend vi presenta un [...]

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CAROLYN LONDON – Subway Salvation

This train is going local loco!

If you’ve ever fantasized on the next coming of God, I guess it really didn’t looked like this. There was probably no turkey at all, in your fantasies…
And then, if I ever met a god, the first I’d ask him is if he can sneeze with his eyes open. That’s [...]

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