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Motus et bouche cousue

I guess we all have had our share of moments like this in our life, the moment when enough is enough and nobody, nothing’s gonna make you change your mind. Again.

Motus et bouche cousue (Sealed Lips) is a short film by three students of the Gobelins school: Adrien Soyty Liv, Grégory Mougne and Coline Veith.

Voices: Adrien Beau and Anthony Menard. The the musical tracks are entitled: Picolo Porto and Petits Rats.

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Annecy 2010: Red River Bay

It’s the story of a boy who tries to escape his daily struggle by means of his creativity. Or perhaps he tries to steal the dragon’s balls. In both cases, the dragon is not very pleased.

Red River Bay is one of the trailers made by the students of the Gobelins for the 2010 Annecy Festival.

The film is the work of Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Rachid Guendouze, Maxime Mary, Jeremy Pires. Sound design: Gérard Labady.

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Blind Spot

When a thief enters a store for a robbery, nobody seems to notice him. Still, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Blind Spot is a short film by six students of Gobelins: Johanna Bessière, Cécile Dubois-Herry, Simon Rouby, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Yvon Jardel.

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Blind Spot: The Making of

here are actually five featurettes for Blind Spot, one for each of the author, except one. This one focuses on the work of Cécile Dubois-Herry.

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Steam Team

The short film is the work of three students of Gobelins: Ludovic Bouancheau, Yohan Pelladeaud, Claude Ricros.

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Here is a “short film about a young boy in India chasing after his dream.” The lesson learned here: once you learned the lesson then go and put it into practice.

The short film has been directed and animated by Nicolas Athané, Méryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff and Maïlys Vallade. Produced at Les Gobelins in Paris as an opening film for the Annecy Film Festival 2008.

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Le piranhanha!


A hyperactive kid is interviewed by the makers of a documentary. A documentary about what? Probably not cows and pirañas, but that’s what they end up with.
Lionel is a short film made by four students of the Gobelins school: Gabriel Gelade, Medhi Leffad, Anthony Menard, Matthieu Poirey.
Original music: Vincent Erhart Devay.
Un bimbo iperattivo viene [...]

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SYLVAIN MARC – La soupe à l`engrais

Vraiment très petite!

Eat and you’ll grow up…
La soupe à l’engrais (Fertilizer Soup) is a short student film made by Sylvain Marc in 2005 (while at Gobelins) in one month, for show on a children TV channel on the theme, “When I’ll grow up”.
Music: Marmouzet. Sound editor: Olivier Crouet. Voice: Simon Ballester. Sound design: David Goldenberg.
An [...]

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Wake Up

Wake up, it’s time to… I dunno, but it’s time.
An opener for Annecy 2004 made by Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou and Bernard Ling at the Gobelins school.
Sveglia, è tempo di… Non lo so, ma è tempo.
Trailer per Annecy 2004, opera di Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou e Bernard Ling presso la [...]

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SIMON ROUBY – Le presage

“But I saw it and it was a crow!” I insisted.“You saw nothing, you fool,” [...]“What you saw was not an agreement from the world.Crows flying or cawing are never an agreement.That was an omen.”“An omen of what?”“A very important indication about you…”.
Carlos Castaneda, “Viaje a Ixtlán”

“Long before asphalt covered the primeval land, crows and [...]

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Le presage: Making of

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DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Le presage – Making of.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 41 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Le presage: Making of in finestra.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Le presage – Making of.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 18 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Le presage – [...]

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Oktapodi: Making of

‘O purpo se coce dinte all’acqua soja.

A short feature covering: design and color research, models and textures, setup and test animations, lighting and rendering, and so on… The image gallery is also a must see.
The music is the Allegro Prestissimo from the Sonata for Two Cellos, No 10 in G major by Jean Baptiste Barrière, [...]

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A frevaro ‘o purpo tene ‘a freva.

The short movies of the Gobelins 2008 vintage are out. So here’s something from the 2007…
“To escape the clutches of a skilled cook, two octopuses engage in a burlesque race. Yet despite they successfully escape their fatal destiny, their struggle to stay together does not seem to get to [...]

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Nuit blanche

El sueño de la razon produce monstruos

The Gobelins trailers for Annecy 2008 are out. This one, though, is from 2004.
Authors: David Etien, Vincent Sales, Julie Serviere, Pierre Tricoire.
I trailer per Annecy 2008 di Gobelins sono online. Questo qui, tuttavia, è del 2004.
Autori: David Etien, Vincent Sales, Julie Serviere, Pierre Tricoire.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Nuit blanche.[Format: Quicktime - [...]

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Festival qualite’

Opening a film festival can sometimes be like jumping into the void, something like that.
Festival qualité was made to open the Annecy Festival 2004 by four students of the Gobelins school: Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Jun Frederic Violet and Remi Zaarour.
Two out of them (Pierre Perifel and Xavier Ramonede) are also authors of Le [...]

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