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N.A.M.B. – Radiorace

Presented in VHS-Scope, here’s an “animation telling the story of BMAN, a little naive robot dragged by chance in to the dark and scary world of the radio. Will our hero find his way back home?”

NAMB is a band from Turin, Italy, comprised of Davide Tomat, Luca Cognetti, Silvio Franco and Andrea Ghio. Radiorace is a single from their second album, entitled BMAN, a concept album about the struggle of a robot for musical freedom.

The music video has been directed and edited by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker. Animation: Francesco Boerio and Fabio Tonetto. Sound design: G.U.P. Alcaro.

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Samurai Jazz Quintet – Pico

Not a great fan of generative arts (works generated through computer software algorithms or other autonomous processes), but this piece is an exception. The video, at least, whose structured abstractness manages to make sense of to the music too.

The Samurai Jazz Quintet (SJQ) is an experimental band from Japan. Members are: Yuta Uozumi, Tadashi Yonago, Isao NKGT, Shuhei Otani, Wataru Asada. And the sixth element being Gismo, an “Autonomous Music Software with Artificial Life”.

Pico is a track featured on their latest album, entitled Animacy and released in 2009 for Cubic Music.

The music video is the work of Takafumi Tsuchiya at Takcom™, made, if you’re curious, using mainly Cinema 4D.

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N.A.S.A. – Gifted

Merry Christmas

“We slowly drift into a picturesque frame of deep outer space. Stars shine brilliantly, distant planets glow and nebulas bleed abstract forms of color into the darkness.” (Source: Original Treatment for Gifted)
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
Their song features singers Santogold and Lykke [...]

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A very short movie by Philipp Rudler which teaches us that… uhm… well, the point of view can make all the difference!
Un cortissimo di Philipp Rudler che ci insegna che… uh… ebbene, che il punto di vista può fare una grande differenza!

© 2008

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Roboter.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 2 MB - Running [...]

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Beck – Youthless

Need a bed to lay my body down.

Beck gets a makeover and turns into David Beckhand, Beckhoven, Becktallica and… uh, Beck to the Future.
Youthless is a song from Beck’s latest album, entitled Modern Guilt and released in July 2008.
The music video has been directed by Kris Moyes and produced by Caroline Barry at Revolver Film, [...]

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