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Ceri Frost – Dead All Along

Enchanted by a pixie, a child called Yorick enters a magical kingdom, but when Yorick returns he finds his world ravaged by time. The music video is set in a hand drawn pen and ink world inspired by Edward Gorey and animated in a cut-out style.

The song has been composed and produced by Ceri Frost. Film by Giles Timms, made at the Animation Workshop of UCLA’s Department of Theater.

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GILES TIMMS – Manifestations

Il faut trouver l’amour.

The courageous and determined Mr. Chip travels in search of love in the seemingly loveless world of the humans.
A colorful and happy short film designed, directed and animated by Giles Timms in Flash, TVPaint and After Effects.
Created at the Animation Workshop at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
Music by Welsh [...]

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Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

And the firemen worked in double shiftsWith prayers for rain on their lipsAnd they knew it was only a matter of time.

Lesson learned: even when you’ve lost everything a man can lose, you still got something. Oh, and also: don’t throw your lit cigarette in the wild.
Grapevine Fires is a song written by Ben Gibbard, [...]

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